Welcome to KingStar

The idea of starting our company is our visionary passion to create one of a kind Gems & Jewellery designs and our love for the beautiful world of gemstones with a unique approach to take our business globally, with our key values of design, quality, excellence and deriving customer satisfaction.

Our focus as a brand to create meaning designs, fostering and everlasting meaningful design for our new relation between present and future generations.

Having started the business in coloured gemstones, today Kingstar Gems & Jewellery range includes stones in every possible colour, size, and shape. It offers volumes of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Additionally Kingstar Gems & Jewellery processes, cuts, and polishes its own gemstones to ensure maximum quality and value.

We are committed to ethical sourcing and benefiting local communities and their by creating sustainable environment. Most of our Gemologists and Graphic designers extract a range of highly desirable exotic colour gemstones & Diamond.

We source one of the best quality standards of all the collections at Kingstar Gems & Jewellery. Our purity has been the guiding philosophy in every aspect of our business - from the quality of raw materials to finished designs; from business ethics to honest transactions with customers.

Our stringent policies and the highest quality always believe in delivering at most customer satisfaction. Our gems are served with pious and good beliefs. Our gems are procured directly after a process of mining. Each gem then passes through a scientific test in the laboratory for its quality and uniqueness. A Gemologist closely inspects the gems, Our Team includes talent group of Gemologist’s & Jewellery designers who designs stunning collection for our customers, who they will always love.

Kingstar Gems & Jewellery offers an array of traditional and contemporary jewellery designs in Gold, Diamonds, Precious stones and other Precious metals.

We at Kingstar Gems & Jewellery have always believed that the customer needs to be educated and aware of their jewellery purchase. As a part of our brand philosophy, we always conduct educational campaigns to educate customers about other aspect of Jewellery designs.

Our integrated minds to brand approach enables cost efficiencies that translates in to exceptional values for our clients.

We combine research, creativity and technology to produce exceptionally appealing and stunning designs. Our design studio and manufacturing units are working continuously to bring design life.

Our Core Values


We believe in doing things in less time with excellent results. Our people, systems and processes shape the pillar of excellence and give us an immense confidence and tremendous faith in our ability to deliver the results with par excellence.


Our greatest asset is our people and we treat them with respect. We create a work ambiance that is friendly and foster a culture of teamwork where one’s opinions are heard and differences are respected.


We inspire honesty and trust in our decisions and actions. We communicate openly and directly and take responsibility for our actions.