1. Tanzanite Stone is rarer than Diamond, as it comes from only one location, Tanzania.
  2. Tanzanite Gemstone is liked and cherished for its Color & Rarity.
  3. Tanzanite is Birthstone of September along with Sapphire.

Tanzanite Stone Facts Price, Properties & Benefits

Tanzanite Stone Facts

Tanzanite stone is Rarer than Diamond, as it is mined from only one source on Earth, that is Tanzania. And hence the Gemstone is named so. Tanzanite has been discovered very recently. It was discovered by a local Masai Tribesman in the Year 1967 and the stone joined the list of Gemstones shortly after. Tanzanite is the Blue variety of Zoisite Mineral. The Color of Tanzanite ranges from Blue to Violet to Purple. But the pure Blue hue in Tanzanite similar to Sapphire is most desirable & precious. Tanzanite is a Pleochroic stone. It means the same stone shows different color tones if viewed from different angles. Just tilt the stone and you can see the transition happening from Blue to violet to purple. This Property makes Cutting of Tanzanite stone a very challenging task, which requires fine skills. The Stone requires to be cut along right axis and angles to exhibit most desirable colors while retaining the maximum weight. This cutting determines the Color which consumer sees when the stone is cut and finally set in jewellery.

Tanzanite Properties

  1. MINERAL: Zoisite
  2. CHEMISTRY: Ca2Al3(SiO4)3(OH)
  3. COLOR: Blue to Violet to Purple
  4. BIREFRINGENCE: 0.008 to 0.013
  5. REFRACTIVE INDEX (RI): 1.691 to 1.700
  8. Lustre: Vitreous